"Like a composer, who keeps certain factors constant while manipulating others, Rubin has made visual music .... The transparent veils of colored inks and translucent Japanese papers create work which is fragile in appearance but deceptively strong and resilient."

    Lea Feinstein
    Quix Art Quarterly, Providence, RI

"What does it mean? This question often occurs to art viewers confronted by difficult or challenging works. Margot Rubin's Images of Mourning and Renewal anticipates the question in her piece Perforation by incorporating the question directly into the work..."

    Arts, Culture, Spirit
    Mid-Hudson Magazine of Events and Ideas

"Several images are more than esthetically pleasing, producing moments of wit, wonder, and insight.... Rubin's encaustic collage is a skeletal abstract with swirling dark tones and a musical score running down both sides,creating symmetry through melody. Sempre e sotto voce is Italian for "always under the voice, "a musical direction indicating an undertone that does not vary and should not be heard. In the context of the artwork, it seems a sly self-reference....in which the riddle becomes the art."

    Doug Norris
    Art New England

"Untwisting the mysteries of language, printmaker Margot Rubin explores the limits of understanding in a series of beautifully rendered monotypes that blend rich colors and primitive imagery within a modern idiom... Rubin suggests that we know or understand a great deal more than we think we do. Our understanding may be subconscious, mystical, or inexplicably withheld from us, but it's there."

    John Pantelone
    Art New England

"Rubin is in every sense an artist of her time, for her painting could not have happened without the inspirational roots of Surrealism and the extra-cultural awareness of societies such as the Masai - but her integration of these sources is entirely individual.

    David Netto
    Columbia University